Steve Miller

steve miller

The (un)Official Mayor. Steve has your Rowdy Ride at 5 and all your favorite Country Music every afternoon.\

Steve Miller has been in radio since 1980, starting in a small town in southern Indiana.  In all 13 of the states he’s lived in he has been found to be unarmed, harmless and not to be concerned about. He came to the keys in 1984 and has been on a variety of stations. He is a Rotarian, he’s on the Parks and Recs advisory board and was a three time President of the Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce. He has been in radio since he arrived in the keys because he has a face for Radio. . Steve loves the Keys and Football so this is a match made in heaven. His knowledge of football shows that up to this time he has far to much time on his hands. He says weird things from time to time but oddly enough he seems to know what he’s talking about. Steve describes himself as a Weeble basically he has a shiny top and a big bottom and most of the time he wobbles but he won’t fall down. He almost always has a baseball cap on. If you see him come up and say Hi there’s very little doubt that it’ll make his day.  He also likes to write about himself in the 3rd person.